Fields of Application

  • For all active wheelchair users with high demanding in performance and weight
  • Suitable for everyday use at work or in leisure tim


  • The Hurricane is a made-tomeasure wheelchair; every dimension is fit exactly to the centimetre or degree, for the footboard even to the millimetre
  • The Hurricane therefore offers the most individual and requirement oriented adaptation to the abilities of the user


  • Optimal operation features make it possible for the user to propel the wheelchair with handrims and to remove the wheels for transport
  • The Hurricane is equipped with pressure or butterfly brake


  • Spoke guard
  • Demand oriented types of wheels
  • Breathable back covers
  • Anatomic back prevents pressure ulcers
  • Carbon fibre reinforced or aluminium welded side guards
  • Leg fixation belts
  • Leg protection cushion for pressure ulcer prevention
  • Hand compressor
  • Universal rucksack
  • Swivel-away push handles / fix / without

Hurricane Everyday

From the most attractive side

Hurricane Everyday

Finally a precision tool for everyday use

Hurricane Everyday

Extremely stable

Hurricane Everyday

Precise form

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