Fuse R

Designed by Rainer Küschall

Vision, focus, self-confidence and fulfilment.

Rainer Küschall is a Swiss designer living with tetraplegia. Following an accident, he experienced wheelchair rehabilitation at first hand, before going on to become a pioneer in wheelchair manufacturing himself. One of his early frame designs was the first aid to be exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art. His vast expertise and his eye for every individual detail have gone into creating the compact active rigid-frame wheelchair, FUSE R. Collaborating with Rainer Küschall opens up new perspectives and novel approaches for us. Together, the team has developed a magnificent, new active wheelchair.

Medical conditions

The service-friendly FUSE R is suitable for different medical conditions.

The new active wheelchair is ideal for initial and follow-up fittings. All adjustments can be carried out via the seat module. If necessary, the castor and drive wheel size can be adjusted. High-quality materials and the modular concept contribute to a long lifecycle. Individual components can be easily replaced. Optimised overall weight means that muscular disorders such as Becker muscular dystrophy can also be ideally treated.

User profile

  • For permanent and long-term fittings
  • For paraplegic fittings
  • Very well suited for a wide range of medical conditions, including the severely afflicted
  • For users with loss of lower extremity function (lateral transfer, hand rim propulsion)



Reduced to the essentials and focused on what really matters: your personality.

With its minimalistic rigid frame, the design of the FUSE R comes across as very modern and distinct. A knee-angle ergonomic grip zone has been integrated, and the seat module almost floats above the frame, attached to the vertical strut with just four fixing points. The foot bar, too, picks up the design of the frame, offering a secure footing with an enlarged contact surface.

What does life mean? What is personality? What counts is your being, your soul, your mind – nothing else matters. - Rainer Küschall –

Ideal frame

The weight-optimised frame design delivers convincing stability and durability.

Thanks to hydroforming technology, the frame of the FUSE R is extremely stable. In this process, the round aluminium tube is formed with a counter-mould and thereby reinforced. To ensure perfect running qualities at all times, the front frame including the castor wheels is directly connected to the drive wheels. In other words: front and rear wheel are permanently connected to each other, meaning that readjustment on the side panel and wheel adjustment are no longer necessary. The forged castor wheel connection follows the frame design and is equipped with concealed adjustment options.

Hydroforming frame

Concealed adjustment options

Calf strap mount

When people see me, they should see me, not a wheelchair user - Rainer Küschall -

Set in scene

Put everything else in the shade!

The new frame design of the FUSE R enables quick, individual adjustment of seat height and centre of gravity directly via the separated seat module. The trick here is that the seat module is only attached through four fixing points, which can be released very quickly and simply. This makes it particularly easy to adjust the front and rear seat heights. Various back and seat systems can be easily integrated on the seat module. A piping system enables the seat upholstery to be fastened without screws. A folding back with lock-in function is standard, and the back height can also be telescoped. An ergonomically shaped back tube ensures even better positioning.

Advantages of the vertical strut

  • Perfect running qualities at all times
  • Easily customisable to the user via the seat module
  • No adjustment of the castor wheels, side panels or brake necessary

FSH: front seat height / RSH: rear seat height / SD: seat depth

Vertical strut at the front for adjusting seat height and as brake mount – concealed by the wheel

Vertical strut at the rear with concealed seat height adjustment and as side panel mount

Back angle adjustment, locks when folded

With a wheelchair that’s as simple and as functional as possible, you are the focus. - Rainer Küschall -


A perfect aid is one that forms a radiant unit with you.

The FUSE R comes with a wide range of frame colours. Your look, your choice. The real eye-catchers are a coloured spoke and the carbon side panel (both optional).

Color Configurator

Choose from a range of 22 frame colours at the click of a button to match your individual look. The colored stitches and the carbon side panels are additional options.The color configurator may not show the true nuances of the finished paint. Color deviations to the finished product are possible.

Baldrich Mouanda

Warm, personable, and always a smile on his lips - that's Baldrich.

Paraplegia following an accident means that the young Austrian is dependent on a wheelchair. But Baldrich doesn't let that get him down. He remains positive and likes to present himself that way, too, with modelling counting among his hobbies. Whether in the gym or out partying in Vienna - Baldrich's cheerfulness is infectious. He’s game for anything, as his best friend Daisy will tell you.

With its top-notch driving performance, the FUSE R is ideally suited for Baldrich's everyday life, and at photo shoots, too, the active wheelchair puts him in the perfect light.


Dimensions in mm, weights in kg, wheels in inches, speeds in km/h, dimension tolerance ± 10 mm, data subject to design changes.

Seat width in mm320 / 340 / 360 / 380 / 400 / 420 / 440 / 460 / 480 / 500
Width, ready to move, in mm from
510 – 810
Seat depth in mm340 / 360 / 380 / 400 / 420/ 440 /460 / 480 / 500
Front seat height (FSH) in mm
450 – 530
Rear seat height (RSH) in mm390 – 500
Total height in mm
Rear seat height + back height
Back height in mm

telescopic up to 60 mm in 15 mm increments

Length with footrests in mm
760 – 860 (depending on frame length, wheel size)
Drive wheels in mm (Zoll)
600 (24") / 635 (25") / 660 (26")
Brake test according to STANDARD
Permissible total weight in kg140
Max. user weight in kg125
Empty weight in kgfrom 8.5
Transport weight in kg
from 5.6

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