• the chair concept caters to the diverse needs of people and everyday life
  • the modular system provides perfect mobility
  • suitable for children and adults
  • important functions that fulfill the standards of both therapy and work
  • ergonomic sitting and working thanks to individual seating and backrest forms
  • different seat heights can be adjusted for various body sizes


  • manual back tilt including fixing
    and operating lever as standard, left-handed
  • various backrest forms provide
    ideal support for the back area


  • available in various sizes
    40 x 43 cm
    46 x 45 cm
    48 x 48 cm
  • with continuous or divided seat surface (arthrodesis seat)
  • with manual seat tilt as standard
    (from +8° forwards to -4° backwards) including fixing and operating lever, right-handed

User weight

  • the chair's weight limit can be selected individually according to the weight of the user
  • 50-100 kg, manual
  • 100-125 kg, manual
  • 125 kg, electric
  • 160 kg, electric or manual


  • armrest height and width can be
    adjusted at any time
  • armrests can be folded back as an
    option (pads cannot be fitted)
  • various armrest fabrics available
  • therapy table can be attached to
    straight armrest
  • armrest covered in coloured fabric
    has pleasant soft padding
  • curved shape

Leg rests

  • leg rests do not come as standard
  • leg rest upper section either fixed or rotatable
  • removable leg rests that can be
    folded inwards and outwards
  • leg rest length can be furtherleg rest lower section with separate
    plastic footrests, depth can be adjusted by 4 cm
  • alternatively: foldable footrest ring

Seat heights

  • seat height can be adjusted either
    manually or electrically in accordance
    to body weight
  • manual seat height adjustment of
    46-61 cm /49-69 cm
  • electric seat height adjustment of 45-65 cm /41-56 cm
    - 50-100 kg, manual
    - 100-125 kg, manual
    - 125 kg, electric
    - 160 kg, manual or electric
  • seat height can be raised a maximum of 10 cm with X-shaped base frames

Base frame

  • X-shaped base frame Width: 46.5 cm Depth: 51.5 cm
  • H-shaped base frame Width: 45 cm Depth: 51.5 cm


  • 100 mm wheels, low-friction, closed bearing housing
  • 125 mm wheels, low-friction, closed bearing housing


  • equipped with manual brakes, brake lever available in right or left-handed
  • brake lever extension also available
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