Modern office swivel chair with intervertebral-disc and arthrodesis support seat MODEL 1.200

Order number 1.200

Enjoy the advantages of optimal ergonomics at
your workplace:

  • individually adjustable components for anatomically correct sitting
  • no more heavy feet or legs thanks to synchronisation mechanism (only with
    intervertebral-disc support seat) that promotes dynamic sitting
  • always at the right working height thanks to progressive seat and height
    adjustment mechanism
  • adjustable backrest compression
  • ergonomically formed seat and back
  • weight limit up to 120 kg

Optional extras:

  • relieving and supporting lumbar supports
  • arms are well supported thanks to diverse arm support
    adjustment options
  • relief of cervical vertebrae thanks to ergonomic headrest
  • various castor wheels facilitate mobility on different
    floor surfaces
  • seat heights available for smaller and larger persons

Intervertebral-disc support seat equipment

  • adjustable seat depth of 5 cm (sliding seat release), optional
  • adjustable armrest width and depth, optional

Arthrodesis seat equipment

  • both halves of the two-part seat at the front can easily be progressively
    adjusted independently from each other (pneumatic)
  • this almost completely eliminates bending of the leg
  • huge relief for people suffering from hip and knee problems
  • progressive seat inclination adjustment allows ergonomic posture

Backrest design

  • ergonomically formed
  • simple back height adjustment while seated
  • adjustable backrest compression that can be adjusted to the weight of the user
  • permanent contact of the backrest to the back of the person sitting
  • optional: lumbar supports (Schukra) for additional spinal support
  • optional: headrest

Backrest and seat can be selected from different materials and colours

The user manual is included with the product.

Castors for various floor types, standard issue: carpet castors


  • good foot freedom
  • available in either aluminium black or aluminium silver
  • extra large castor wheels with a diameter of 60 mm can easily roll over little bumps
  • also available in plastic or aluminium black


  • available for carpets with braking system (also available without brakes)
  • available for hard floors
  • available for hard floors with braking system
  • available without castors as carpet glider

All armrests for the arthrodesis chair are only adjustable with regard to height and depth. No width adjustment possible

Seat cushion depth: 46 cm
Seat cushion width: 49 cm
Base diameter: 72 cm
Backrest height: 50 - 57 cm
Backrest width, below: 46 cm
Weight limit: 120 kg

 Lifting ranges of the pneumatic spring columns

Seat height:                                                                44 - 53 cm 
Seat height:  48 - 58 cm
Seat height:  56 - 69 cm
 Seat height:  63 - 83 cm

Distance between seat and armrests
14-24 cm

Armrest width adjustment
4 cm

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